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NY's Email Expert on Men's Fitness.

Andrew Jamel is often asked, "What do you do?" He never wavers: "I get paid to charm customers for you". Trained under the Email King himself, Jason Capital, Andrew is not only a certified email expert, but is quickly becoming the most sought-after email marketer for fitness businesses in NY.

Under the tutolage of Jason Capital, Andrew Jamel has been trained to write emails for some of the biggest names in fitness. He has written emails showcasing John Romaniello's Superhero Workout Program as well as Bedros Keuilian's Close Clients Sales System.

Andrew himself, is a firm believer in weight training. Back in college he went from a scrawny 135lbs to over 180lbs in just 3 months! Since then he

has spent the last 5 years learning about nearly every trending fitness product and strategy out there. He believes that your body should be treated like a temple and continues to improve and sculpt his body each and every day.


Fun Facts - Andrew also loves creating digital paintings. You have probably seen his work featured on Art_Spotlight, an Instagram account with a fan base of over 1.7 million followers. He also enjoys writing his own original stories, playing chess, and reading books on psychology such as Influence and Psychocybernetics. He loves running around NYC with friends in quest for the most unique restaurants, watching the latest superhero movies, and hosting epic game nights.

Denis Lorenczi
Email Income Expert for Dating Industry

Having worked closely with Andrew there honestly hasn't been a moment were he fails to put a smile on your face when reading his emails. His ability to create deep connections with the people reading his emails is impressive. While I was working with Andrew I noticed how ambitious he was to improving his transitioning between the high value content and the call to action in his emails which was challenging for him. The energy and passion you feel reading Andrew's emails is unique. Andrew is one of the best email copywriters I have studied with.

Jason Capital Certified

While being trained, Andrew, along with other students, helped Jason Capital write incredible e-mails that helped sell out his 2018 High Status Summit to an email list of over 100,000 people.

Daniel Passarelli
CEO & Founder of Incredible Digital Marketing 

Andrew is a great copywriter and email expert. He is definitely someone you want to have in your contact list for email consults or if you need help with your sales copy.

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